About My Garden

I am very lucky…….my garden backs-onto Urmston Meadows!

A bit of History:

  • When we bought the house, we absolutely fell in love with the garden (approx. 2 1/2 acres of it).
  • The land was originally sold to previous owners by the council, many many years ago.
  • (If anyone knows of any previous owners or has any old photos or knows any history about the garden I would love you to post them on this site).

When we first moved in:

  • The greenhouse was derelict.
  • Drainage was a problem.
  • There were no obvious zones within the garden.
  • The pond had hardly any water and was full of bull-rushes and tarpaulin.
  • The fencing was riddled with holes and falling down.
  • The trees and shrubs had been left un-pruned, and there were a lot of dangerous trees!
  • There was little interest for wildlife.

What we have done:

  • The greenhouse has been re-built and is now fully functional.
  • We have resolved a number of drainage issues, including the construction of a drainage path around the perimeter.
  • The pond has been cleared and a jetty constructed, with a bird-house near the island.
  • We added some livestock:  ducks, chickens.
  • We added a duck house to the back of the stable to protect the ducks and chickens from ‘foxy loxy’.
  • A hen/ duck house was introduced onto the jetty to protect wild ducks/ birds  from foxes (together with additional fencing).
  • We have planted more fruit trees around the formal lawn area.
  • There has been lots of pruning, digging-out, planting and levelling.
  • There are 3 rotating raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables, plus an orchard.
  • We have planted laurel to protect the pond life from the wind.
  • We have encouraged wildlife to the area (bees, butterflies, wild ducks, insects etc), using plants, deadwood etc.
  • We have several Owl boxes (and you can view the baby owl siting’s on the facebook page for ‘G20 Gas Services’).
  • A hatchery has been built for new ducklings (…..and just in case we need to rescue any more owls!).

What we are doing now:

  • We built a compost area (for the horse manure, shavings and grass clippings, so that we can re-invest the material back into the land).
  • We have introduced more rescue hens to our free-range environment.
  • We are relocating the chicken/ duck house to the old stable building to give them extra space at night.
  • We hope to encourage more wildlife to the area (eg bat boxes, more owl boxes etc).
  • We are planting up the garden beds to give the garden more colour.