Community Advent Calendar (01 Dec 2017- 05 Jan 2018)

Each December, a group of people in Urmston will volunteer to decorate a window for each day of Advent (via the Facebook Group: Urmston Partnership).

It’s quite a fun thing to do, so I try to participate each year (with some help from my super-human hubster!).

So, on the 1st of December someone will decorate (and reveal) their window decoration.  The same on the 2nd December ….and so-on, until the 24th December.  The decorations remain up until 5th January, so that if you wanted a nice family walk over the Christmas period, its a fun thing to do.

This year, we made a Christmas tree using pallets and added a bauble each day of Advent, which listed the address of the advent window revealed for that day.  This was displayed in our garden, and could be seen from the meadows (enter at the corner of Southgate/ Riverside Drive….on the left approx. 200 metres down the path).

Hope it brightens up your walk on the meadows :o).

Merry Christmas!

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