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Urmston Scarecrow Festival (16-30 Sept 2017)

Each year (middle of September), everyone in Urmston is invited to create a Scarecrow, for public display!  (It is organised by the Facebook Group: Urmston Partnership).

Anyone can enter… just have to notify the Facebook group to make sure your entry is listed for ‘the World to see’….and maybe win a prize!   (but I don’t suppose it really matters if you don’t).

Its a fun thing to do for everyone, especially during the August bank holiday weekend!

This year we were struggling for time, but we still managed to cobble-one-together quite quickly……a pole dancing fairy!  (sorry!……it was all we could come up with at the time in a rush!).  Still, at least we made an effort, and hopefully it made people smile as they walked the dogs on the meadows!  This was displayed in our garden, and could be seen from the meadows (enter at the corner of Southgate/ Riverside Drive….on the left approx. 200 metres down the path).

Happy Scarecrow Festival!